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Preparing yourself or a loved one to enter residential aged care can be a difficult, stressful time. On top of this, the process comes with some financial challenges and important decisions that need to be made.

Life expectancy in Australia continues to increase which means more people are requiring aged care services, and there is a growing demand for Aged Care Financial Advice.

According to Aged Care Steps, by the age of 65, over half of the population will need to access aged care services for the future:

  • Females are 68% likely to need aged care in their lifetime
  • Males are 48% likely to need aged care in their lifetime
Aged Care

When the time comes to enter into Aged Care, it can often be fraught with stress, fear, and uncertainty. Whilst it can be a gradual recognition that you are no longer able to manage living in your own home, it can also unfortunately arise suddenly following a medical incident where decisions need to be made quickly.

At CAPM, our Aged Care Advisers can help if you:

  • Intend to plan ahead should you require Aged Care in the future,
  • Require Aged Care Services immediately, or
  • Are working with a family member or close friend who requires Aged Care Services.

How can an Aged Care Financial Adviser help?

We can work with you to create a tailored Aged Care Advice strategy by:

  • Determining which Aged Care Services (e.g. Home Care and Residential Care) are available to you and what the eligibility requirements are for each option (e.g. ACAT assessment).
  • Investigating Residential Aged Care options and their respective financial costs
  • Structuring your investments and finances to ensure long-term income, capital security, and tax efficiency when funding your Aged Care strategy.
  • Organising your Centrelink entitlements and maximising access to additional benefits, such as the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.
  • Deciding what you should do with the family home (i.e. sell, downsize, rent) to optimise either your ability to age at home or your accommodation costs and pension entitlements.
  • Arranging your Estate Planning to enable an efficient estate transfer to beneficiaries in line with your wishes.
  • Regularly reviewing your strategy to maintain its effectiveness and your comfort.
  • Making the transition smooth, stress-free and actually enjoyable for you and your family.

Your Aged Care Advice Specialist will work with you and your support network (doctors, accountants, solicitors, and family) to ensure your wishes are implemented and you are receiving high quality and adequate care.

Enjoy the peace of mind that you will live out your golden years with the quality of life and financial security.

Book a complimentary initial appointment with our Certified Aged Care Advisers.

Working with an Accredited Financial Adviser who has experience in Aged Care Financial Advice relieves the pressure and helps you to choose the correct pathway – the value to you can be significant.

Our advice is fee-for-service, based on the time taken to provide the advice you require.

If you would like to work with our experienced Aged Care Specialists and Support Team, the minimum fee to receive advice is $3,500 plus GST and includes:

  • An initial complimentary meeting
  • Completion of our Aged Care Questionnaire
  • Review of the Questionnaire and follow-up discussion if required
  • Preparation of a Comprehensive Aged Care Strategy Paper specific to your circumstances
  • Final meeting including presentation of the Strategy Paper, answer any questions and discuss any associated issues
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