3 Unique But Effective Investment Opportunities in Australia
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3 Unique But Effective Investment Opportunities in Australia

Managing your finances can be quite difficult. This is especially true if you’re striving for financial independence. While we’re not here to devalue your work or career, it’s important that you understand that working a nine-to-five job isn’t the only way to make ends meet. In fact, there are more ways to earn money passively.

Passive income is vital since you can do it while still maintaining your day job. If this is something that you’re interested in knowing more about, read on as we list three effective ways to build passive income in Australia!

#1. Low-Input Business

Usually, managing a business can be taxing. It will require you to commit your time for it to succeed. However, some businesses are considered to be “low input”. Low input refers to the amount of time and effort that you have to put in. A great example of a low-input business is a laundromat. When it comes to these businesses, all you really need to do is to make an initial investment, hire staff, and supervise. After putting in some work to get started, your business will basically run itself and will earn you a steady stream of income.

#2. Investing in Residential Property

Becoming a landlord is a potential way to make money without having to exert much ongoing effort. You should do your due diligence upfront: researching locations, housing prices, rental yields before choosing a property that will help you achieve your goals. While you don’t need to work to earn income, you will need to make sure that your property is well maintained. You’ll also want to be wary of ongoing costs, such as council rates, insurance and property management fees. Other than that, you should really have very little to worry about.


We’ve already talked about how investing is one of the best ways to build wealth, especially during your 30s and 40s. What’s good about investing in shares is that they’re the most passive out of all possessive investments. You also don’t need a lot of money to get started. You can invest a small amount and watch the money grow over time. Shares are also quite liquid, which means you can sell them if you’re ever in a financial bind. However, remember the share market can be volatile and its value can fluctuate greatly so you need to be prepared to accept the risk.

Bottom line: Make Your Money Work For You!

We hope this article proves to be practical in helping you decide how to create new streams of revenue. While you may need to put in a little work at the start, these sources of passive income could be your gateway to financial independence and long-term success.

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