Hopu Brown - Coastal Advice Port Macquarie
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Hopu Brown

Executive Assistant

Hopu is the confident and amiable Executive Assistant at Coastal Advice Group. She is excellent at quickly adapting to the ever-changing demands of the business, helping the management team promptly execute and complete projects.  

With over 10 years of experience in similar roles, she is confident to deliver high-quality and purpose-driven results across various areas of the business including HR, operations, sales, financial accounts, and project management. 

For Hopu, one of the biggest appeals to her role is the contribution she can have to the execution of business strategies set out by the CEO and Group General Manager — indeed, she is the doer of the group!   

“I enjoy the different challenges and variety of work here at CAG. No day is the same and having the opportunity to work on the business as a whole and witness the growth and success we are committed to is definitely what I enjoy most.” 

This gives her the confidence to always put the business’ interest at heart and make decisions to ensure its success. Hopu is always prepared to learn new things and is consistently supporting the entire team at CAG to work efficiently and enjoyably.  

With an optimistic and friendly attitude, Hopu showcases warmth and willingness in everything she does. 

If you’d like to ask Hopu any questions, please contact her by phone or email:

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