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Jesse Field

Associate Adviser

Jesse entered the financial services industry at the age of 24 with one goal: to bring more value to more people.

After spending some of his career in wealth management and stockbroking, Jesse decided the time was right to move into a financial advice practice where he can have a more holistic and meaningful approach.

With a Bachelor of Commerce and a Diploma of Financial Planning, Jesse brings a wealth of financial knowledge to his role.

Born and bred in the Central Coast, he is passionate about contributing to educating and assisting people in the region to better understand their finances.

“I really enjoy being able to translate financial terms into “plain English” for our clients. I truly believe that when people can actually understand their own financial position, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for them.”

For Jesse, who’s personable and down-to-earth-nature is a perfect fit for the Central Coast community, a big appeal is the ability to help others achieve their financial goals.

“I am really passionate about making the client experience enjoyable and stress-free.  What brings me the most joy is to know that I have been able to help someone else on their journey to financial independence.”

If you’d like to ask Jesse any questions please contact him by phone or email:

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