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Murray Wynne

Wealth Protection Specialist

With over 30 years of experience in the life insurance industry, Murray is an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable financial adviser. As Risk Specialist at Coastal Advice Group, Murray assists clients to determine the most appropriate risk insurance strategies and solutions for their situation. 

“I am extremely passionate about what I do. The best part of my job is the discovery process, learning about a person’s wants and needs and then hashing out their best solutions. No two people are exactly the same which means every person’s ideal strategy is going to be unique.” 

Murray strives to put people in a better situation than they were before – whether this means a more cost-effective policy or an insurance plan that better protects their family.  

Murray always aims to develop your insurance solution according to your priorities as he sees personalisation as the most important part of his job. “Anybody can take out an insurance policy but my real value to our clients is my extensive knowledge and understanding of our ever-changing industry. I want our clients to walk away with a strategy that is relevant and tailored for their current situation as well as future goals.”  

Murray spent his younger years travelling the country and has spent parts of his life enjoying regions of outback Australia. However, when he began working in the strategic world of wealth protection, Murray knew he had found his calling. He has now spent half of his life dedicated to helping people with their insurance needs.  

With passion and honesty, Murray is an incredibly approachable individual and is always aiming for perfection with every client he works with. He lives by the idea that, “perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection, we catch excellence”. 

Murray is the absolute definition of a people person and enjoys being able to talk to a variety of people every day. Besides discussing effective financial and wealth protection strategies, Murray will happily spend hours discussing strategies to help his beloved Essendon win the next AFL Premiership – with anyone who’ll listen that is! 

Specialises in: 

  • Business Insurance 
  • Business Expense Insurance 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Total & Permanent Disability Insurance 
  • Trauma/Critical Illness Insurance 
  • Income Protection 
  • Insurance in Superannuation 
  • Life investment or life risk products (including Life Products under Super) 
  • Estate Planning 

If you’d like to ask Murray any questions, please contact him by phone or email:

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