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Superannuation (aka super) is a vital key to creating a financially secure and enjoyable retirement.

Superannuation is what most Australians rely on to fund their ideal retirement lifestyle.

However, when it comes to Super, many people don’t understand their investment options, contribution limits, and tax minimisation opportunities.

There are many obstacles to overcome, including:

  • Super is a complex investment vehicle that requires educated decision-making to maximise its value.
  • The significant time it takes to effectively investigate and research your most effective superannuation investment options.
  • Super guidelines and legislation are constantly changing; it is difficult to know whether your superannuation strategy is still making the most of your super without professional financial advice.
  • Mismanagement of your Super can result in severe financial penalties from the ATO.
  • You may have multiple Superannuation accounts being eroded by fees or unknown insurance premiums.

It is vital to understand all your Superannuation options

CAPM’s experienced financial advisers can help you make smart, informed decisions about your superannuation strategy that ensures:

  • A suitable Superannuation product is chosen for you.
  • Your chosen fund has a competitive fee structure to maximise your returns.
  • Your Super is simplified and consolidated where appropriate.
  • Your funds are invested in accordance with your current needs, values, and future goals.
  • All potential strategies are considered (e.g. Salary Sacrifice, Spouse Super. Contributions, Contribution Splitting, Government Co-Contribution and Low-Income Superannuation Tax Offset).
  • Where applicable – can you utilise your Super to purchase your first home (First Home Super Saver Scheme).
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Have you considered a SMSF – Self-Managed Super Fund?

Depending on your unique circumstances, CAPM’s financial advisers can help you determine if an SMSF will be beneficial for you.

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is a super fund where you’re in control. You choose the investment strategy, manage all investments and have 100% responsibility for keeping it compliant.

There are several advantages to investing in an SMSF. An SMSF can give you the flexibility to invest in different asset classes including direct residential & commercial property directly or through unlisted trusts, direct shares, high-interest cash accounts, term deposits, hybrid income investments, unlisted assets, international shares either direct or through investment vehicles such as Wholesale Managed Fund or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF).

If you are ready to invest in a better life for yourself in retirement and grow your superannuation balance, book a complimentary initial meeting with a Superannuation Advice Specialist from Coastal Advice Port Macquarie.

We can help make sure your superannuation is set up for a happy and secure future. 

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